Indie Games Spotlight – July 2019

Highlighting some indie games that caught my eye today:

Super Cable Boy by SoerbGames

A platformer with an interesting art style where you play as a handheld gaming console that’s in search for their lost game cartridges.  Each cartridge you find gives you a new ability that you can select during a level (similar to Mega Man it looks like). The controls look tight and Super Cable Boy’s “cable” looks really fun to swing around with.  The game’s creator Sørb posted a video on reddit showcasing their non-linear level design:  It shows 4 different ways to complete the same level.

There’s even an old web-based prototype you can play on their website: While it was quite difficult to control the character using a keyboard (I need to use a controller), I could tell the maneuvering is responsive and works well. Also, make sure you turn your volume down as it was really loud when I started the prototype up : )

When asked if they had an idea on a release date, Sørb said, “I hope I can finish it at the end of this year or something like that. If you want to stay tuned there is a subreddit you can take a look at: r/SuperCableBoy

In the overcrowded platformer genre, Super Cable Boy looks like one to keep your eye on.

Colors of Lacrosse by @OttoStrom

Retro style arcade action. This one looks like it’s early in development but I’m really impressed with what I see so far. It looks like a really unique take on the classic ‘brick-breaker’ type games but in this case, you control a lacrosse player in a room being enclosed on both sides by bricks and you have to throw your lacrosse ball against the walls to survive. I’m not sure of the rules on how the brick breaking works, but the physics look like the real highlight of the game so far. The way the ball bounces off the walls and how you’re able to jump around and catch the ball in the air. I can just imagine the fun combo highlight videos now.

Check out OttoStrom’s twitter page for updates on the game’s development.

Aura by Zindeaxx Games

Check out the trailer gif here.

Apparently this game was created by a few students in 2 weeks. It’s an endless runner type game on Steam that comes out 7/15/2019! The art style and atmosphere look interesting. I’m interested in the ability that allows you to predict the future obstacles coming up. I’m told it’s going to be $.99 USD so I’ll for sure be picking this one up! Check out it’s steam page here.


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