Curated Video Selection

Absolutely insane WR by Trihex. I love watching his process as he learns the level.
Torje with the first ever sub 17 minute run for Ocarina of Time. Congrats!
Nakamura playing a version of chess where the bottom row of pieces is in a random order each game, but he’s not able to see the pieces! His opponent has full viability. It’s interesting seeing him deduct what the order of the pieces is.
I’ve always been interested in Crokinole. SU&SD does a great job of giving an introduction to the game.
This game is already high speed and wild but ConnorAce takes it up a notch.
The composure he maintains until the very end…

A great TASBot run for 11 tracks of Mario Kart Wii. The shortcut at 8:53 blew my mind.